Honesty and integrity: Transparent and accurate transmission of information, accepting the facts in corporate transactions, respecting organizations and stakeholders Privacy

Feeling of belonging to the organization and responsivness: Noticing opinions and ideas of others and provide constructive feedback, and observance of social ethics, develop the environment of respect and trust with colleagues while taking task seriously and avoiding prejudice in organizational interactions

Mutual respect and trust: Participation in decision making and maintaining the integrity of the team and organization,Interested in personal and organizational growth and prosperity,Acceptance of risk of individual and team performance,Understand and accept the rules and putting effort to systematically improving them,Trying to align the interests of individual and organizational,Act as a member of MAPNA BOILER’s family

Customer focus: Obligations in the agreed time and quality and focus on customer satisfaction in all activities and efforts to establish long term relationships with customers

Innovation: Visualising the future by using a dynamic thinking Venturing into unknown territory and generate new ideas