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Product's Name: Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG)

HRSG are installed in the downstream of gas turbines for heat recovery to the exhaust gas. MAPNA Boiler and Equipment Company has obtained the license of design and manufacturing these boilers from DOOSAN Company of South Korea. Based on this license the company is capable of designing the HRSG up to 270MW. The type of theses boilers are horizontal with natural circulation. Considering the amount and condition of the steam required, the boilers may be designed as fired boilers. In fired boilers a duct burner is used to provide supplementary firing and in order to increase the boiler capacity. Furthermore, considering the clients requirements, if steam generation is demanded without gas turbine,the boiler could be designed as stand alone and equipped with fresh air firing, in case the gas turbine is shutdown& or gets out of the cycle, the required air for combustion is supplied with fan. MAPNA Boiler and Equipment Company is capable of designing HRSG with wide range of capacity and processing conditions. These boilers are used in various industries such as power plant, oil, gas and petrochemical industries, CHP systems especially desalination plants, etc.