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Product's Name: Utility Boilers

These type of boilers include sub-critical boilers with natural water circulation and front firing system up to the capacity of 1100 T/hr. (For - steam turbine with the capacity of 325 MW) and super critical boilers with a capacity up to 2.000T/hr. (for steam turbine with capacity of 600 MW).

Sub-critical Boilers Features:

-Turbine Capacity: 325 MW

-Maximum Steam production: 1100 T/hr.

-Maximum Steam Pressure: 170 bar

-Maximum Steam Temperature: 540 c

Super-critical Boilers Features:

-Turbine Capacity: 600 MW

-Maximum Steam production: 2000 T/hr.

-Maximum Steam Pressure: 260 bar

-Maximum Steam Temperature: 550 c