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Product's Name: De-aerator

MAPNA Boiler and Equipment's deaerators are designed manufactured under the license of DOOSAN co. the different types connect of SPRAY-TRAY, vertical horizontal, EXTERNAL and INTEGRATED. These deaerators are designed to remove dissolved oxygen from the boiler feed water (demine water) to levels of 7 ppb. In these types of de-aerators, through the spray nozzles, water enters deaerator section above the tray and flows downward and steam enters below the trays and flows upward,and this is how dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide are stripped out of the dearator. Water enters the storage tank after passing through the trays. Using vertical or horizontal deaerators depends on the amount of water needed to be deaerated. In case the steam is provided by an external source, deaerator would be an external one. It is also possible to put the heating surfaces for generating steam within the boiler itself, so that the required steam would be generated from the heating sections of the boiler; this kind of deaerator is called on the integrated type. Deaerators designed by MAPNA Boiler and Equipment Co., guarantee performances between capacity 10% up to 100% load.