Design and Engineering

Having unique capabilities in design and engineering, enjoying the experienced experts in different fields of basic design, process, civil, electric, control and instrumentation, mechanics,piping, equipment engineering, as well as utilizing the most updated software, Mapna Boiler and Equipment as a cohesive and coordinated company designs the projects and equipments with the approach of meeting client is technical requirements.

Considering the customers’ feedback and the accomplished projects, the design and engineering department of Mapna Boiler and Equipment plays a major role in improving the technical specifications,performance of the current projects and developing new products. Defining and accomplishing the research and development projects, as well as enjoying the latest technical knowledge and the new technologies in world, have led Mapna Boiler and Equipment into ever-increasing success of the company in fulfilling the customers’ requirements with maximum flexibility.

The existence of high-tech hardware facilities in ultra fast computing center of Mapna Boiler provides a unique capability for the accomplishment of complicated simulations in combustion,heat transfer, and stress analysis.



A License agreement on design and supply of heat recovery steam generators was concluded between Mapna Boiler and Equipment Company and DOOSAN Co. of South Korea in 2003. Accordingly Mapna Boiler and Equipment gained designing and execution experiences by accomplishing some power plant projects with DOOSAN in a frame of a consortium , Mapna Boiler and Equipment Company has achieved a valuable scientific and empirical knowledge, and at present by relying on the experience attained through the design of Industrial and power plant heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs), 28 package and industrial water tube boilers and 52 de-aerators, it plays an important role in different fields of plants, power,oil,gas and petrochemical and has proved its position in Iran and regional markets the greatest source of supplying various types of steam generators.

Considering environmental protection standards is highly emphasized in the engineering stage of the projects.