Manufacturing Equipments

 Primary Operations

               Machine Type


Heavy Rolling  2

With 4 hydraulic rollers and capacity of plate cold rolling up to 40 mm-thickness 

Heavy Rolling  1

With 4 hydraulic rollers, 3m manipulator, and capacity of plate cold rolling up to 75 mm thickness , 3.000mm wide, and hot rolling up to 120 mm-thickness  and 1500 mm-wide

 Dished Head

Dished Head manufacturing  and its edge milling up to 5000mm-diameter and 24mm thickness  by automatic and manual controlling system


Dished Head Pressing

600Ton capacity, forming plates into convex shape up to 5800 mm diameter for making Dished Head with 30 mm thickness plate, automatic and manual control system.

Press Brake Machine

Up to 6000mm long and 15mm thickness of plate  

Edge milling

20m manipulator, beveling  up to 200mm plate thickness in different angles


Cutting capacity up to 6m wide and 20mm plate thickness

Plasma Cutting Machine

1200mm wide and 12000mm long, capable of programming and cutting by robot up to 120mm thickness, capable of beveling with no need to grinding and cleaning

CNC Cutting

6m wide and 18m long, capable of cutting programing up to 300mm plate thickness , equipped with 2 plasma cutting nozzles and 2 programmer cutting nozzles


Round and slot shape  drilling, cutting of angle shape  and plate in range of 500mm wide and 10mm plate thickness


Machine Type


Sagem Boring Machine

CNC, accuracy of 0.005mm; capable of machining in 7 axis, with universal head boring, table  size 2600 mm×2600 mm

Skoda  Boring Machine # 2

Model 160, made in Czech with Siemens driver system , accuracy of 0.01mm, rotary table with 5000mm diameter, angle 360° 

Skoda Boring Machine # 1

Model 160, made in Czech with Siemens driver system, accuracy of 0.01mm, rotary table 4000 mm ×3500 mm, angle 360° 

Skoda Carousel

Max milling diameter 5020 mm,  3200mm with 2 vertical heads and 1500 mm stroke, equipped with milling cone, angle, milling copy, screw cutter, maximum sustainable table load  60 ton ,  Including head in side capability 2000 mm as horizontal movement

CNC Cutting

Model TC-50, equipped with Japanese FAUNC control system, manipulator 500mm long, speed 5- ~ 3000 RPM

CNC Milling

Equipped with Germany  Siemens Control System, with 3 axis, maximum sustainable table load 300 kg

Finning Machines

Capability: 309 fin per meter