MAPNA Boiler Metallurgy Laboratory

MAPNA Boiler and Equipment Engineering and Manufacturing Co. Laboratory was established in 2011 as an independent testing laboratory. This laboratory is well equipped with modern facilities and equipment and offer a wide range of accredited mechanical and metallurgical tests to many sectors of industry.

Major test works includes:
  • Metallographic Examination:
    Micro structural evaluation to examine aspects such as weld quality, effectiveness of heat treatment, grain size, coating thickness, macro examination etc.
  • Chemical Analysis:
    Ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys using Spark-OES and portable XRF.
  • Mechanical Testing:
    Including tensile testing at ambient temperature, Impact testing, bend testing and a full range of tests on welds (PQR, WPQ, Production Test) and fasteners (Wedge Test & Proof Test)
  • Hardness Testing:
    Rockwell B & C, Brinell, Vickers and microhardness (Vickers & Knoop)

Equipment List of Mapna Boiler Lab. is as below:
  1. 60 ton Tensile Test Machine
  2. 5 ton Tensile Test Machine
  3. Impact Test Machine
  4. Chemical Analyzer (Stationary Quantometer)
  5. Chemical Analyzer (Portable XRF)
  6. Universal Hardness Tester (Rockwell C, Rockwell B, Brinell & Vickers)
  7. Microhardness Tester (Microvickers & Knoop)
  8. Bending Test Machine
  9. Metallographic Test Equipment (Cutters, Mounting Sets, Polishing Sets & Optical Microscopes)
  10. Sample Preparation Equipment
  11. Portable Hardness Tester
  12. Electrical Furnace
  13. Portable Gas Analyzer
  14. Portable Ultrasonic Flow Measurement of Gas
  15. Portable Thermal Imager
  16. Dew Point Measuring Set
  17. Coating Thickness Measuring Set
  18. Coating Adhesion Test (Pull off & Cross cut)
  19. Holiday Detector (Pinhole Detector)
  20. Centrifuge
  21. Oven
  22. Automatic Water Stills
  23. Digital Balance